Every $3 donation provides 1 book and 1 year-long digital literacy intervention to a child born into poverty. How does it work? For every $3 donation: One child takes home a brand new book; That child’s parent enrolls in evidence-based tips via email and text message – proven to improve parental reading engagement and early childhood literacy; Every week for a year, enrolled parents receive eBooks, sight words, and quick tips to easily teach vocabulary – regardless of limited time, money and other socioeconomic barriers; Enrolled children start preschool with the foundational vocabulary vital to K-12 achievement.

Donate a Book

$15 = 5 books

$30 = 10 books

$60 = 20 books

Sponsor a Book Distribution

$90 = 30 books for every child at a small childcare center

$150 = 50 books for every child at a medium childcare center

$300 = 100 books for every child at a large childcare center


Make your donation in honor of a loved one. Looking for charitable gift ideas? Interested in giving a gift that gives back? Need a last minute inexpensive gift you can feel good about? Print the foldable charitable gift card, and write in the number of books you donated in their honor. With every $15 donation providing 5 books, Word Rebel offers the perfect feel good gift that gives back.

Word Rebel Financials

Word Rebel is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are tax-deductible.

GuideStar Platinum Rating

100% of every donation funds programming that directly benefits the children we serve.


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